Kalipada Ghosh Tarai Mahavidyalaya, P.O. Bagdogra, Dist. Darjeeling, West Bengal, India-734014

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  • This college is now a study center of Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) for Post Graduation (Master Degree). For details click here.
  • Notice for Marksheet Distribution of 4th Semester Examination 2020
  • Notice for Marksheet Distribution of 2nd Semester Examination 2020
  • Notice for Class Start of CBCS 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester
  • Notice for Submission of Answer Scripts on 23/03/2021
  • Notice for Submission of Answer Scripts on 22/03/2021
  • Notice for Submission of Answer Scripts on 19/03/2021

Part-3 B.A. Honours Paper wise Links

Compulsory Papers

B.A.Part-3 ALEM : Alternative English https://forms.gle/BWBfa14ZH6dizFCK9


B.A.Part-3 BNGM : Compulsory Bengali https://forms.gle/4NXDBzP6TPAiJBrw8


B.A.Part-3 ENVS : Environmental Studies https://forms.gle/XuQJfM7UTB6cxydY7


B.A.Part-3 HINM : Compulsory Hindi https://forms.gle/VQwgbArwdwxfwcX68


B.A.Part-3 NEPM : Compulsory Nepali https://forms.gle/hry7oApRgfmyj4dQ7



Honours Papers

B.A.(Bengali Honours) Part-3 BNGH-V : Bengali https://forms.gle/GFwp8egdA9KyexxC9


B.A.(Bengali Honours) Part-3 BNGH-VI : Bengali https://forms.gle/dZETK82DDJTCd6qV9


B.A.(Bengali Honours) Part-3 BNGH-VII : Bengali https://forms.gle/f6JHeKWEMDCXbDfh9


B.A.(Bengali Honours) Part-3 BNGH-VIII : Bengali https://forms.gle/AAYtdHQLtGkugWp97


B.A.(English Honours) Part-3 ENGH-V : English https://forms.gle/N3wkaWKDW8f7JjQC9


B.A.(English Honours) Part-3 ENGH-VI : English https://forms.gle/EiLvY4nV35jXSbds7


B.A.(English Honours) Part-3 ENGH-VII : English https://forms.gle/sPYFov9147Ms7G1S9


B.A.(English Honours) Part-3 ENGH-VIII : English https://forms.gle/imc5atnKp31bZdeq5


B.A.(Geography Honours) Part-3 GEOH-IX : Geography https://forms.gle/NvA1W3c7ZXFfrnCU8


B.A.(Geography Honours) Part-3 GEOH-X : Geography https://forms.gle/KhmCMHM4Sav1Pqyd8


B.A.(Geography Honours) Part-3 GEOH-XI : Geography https://forms.gle/GWAAvzt47hgMenRe6


B.A.(Geography Honours) Part-3 GEOH-XII : Geography https://forms.gle/2Ri2VKfx7dAHZkZV6


B.A.(Geography Honours) Part-3 GEOH-XIII : Geography https://forms.gle/ecTTEhQkPWC7Au7C8


B.A.(Geography Honours) Part-3 GEOH-XIV : Geography https://forms.gle/jzVs4ri3bwyCeH859


B.A.(Hindi Honours) Part-3 HINH-V : Hindi https://forms.gle/wMv8ah2hvsKiF1AD6


B.A.(Hindi Honours) Part-3 HINH-VI : Hindi https://forms.gle/4PGfDDAUoxKNWjLf6


B.A.(Hindi Honours) Part-3 HINH-VII : Hindi https://forms.gle/GxW7ZEbqCUybp5JbA


B.A.(Hindi Honours) Part-3 HINH-VIII : Hindi https://forms.gle/9dBzv6TN2fo6j6NBA


B.A.(History Honours) Part-3 HISH-V : History https://forms.gle/fN3CnaZK7STeRzkJA


B.A.(History Honours) Part-3 HISH-VI : History https://forms.gle/xn3hPZAtRGm15wNVA


B.A.(History Honours) Part-3 HISH-VII : History https://forms.gle/HPDktqPjpjywVrek9


B.A.(History Honours) Part-3 HISH-VIII : History https://forms.gle/nA7mCi76vH5dYXTt5


B.A.(Nepali Honours) Part-3 NEPH-V : Nepali https://forms.gle/xFugQSdrrz4Xnrqu5


B.A.(Nepali Honours) Part-3 NEPH-VI : Nepali https://forms.gle/oZsMQPxSFErtNnYN9


B.A.(Nepali Honours) Part-3 NEPH-VII : Nepali https://forms.gle/LD8u3mb7DN1HE7xP8


B.A.(Nepali Honours) Part-3 NEPH-VIII : Nepali https://forms.gle/nCg32ddPqJCwKkCF9


B.A.(Political Science Honours) Part-3 PLSH-V : Political Science https://forms.gle/DHDURfVk9JQVqg3FA


B.A.(Political Science Honours) Part-3 PLSH-VI : Political Science https://forms.gle/s7LY19Z5X1g3swBf8


B.A.(Political Science Honours) Part-3 PLSH-VII : Political Science https://forms.gle/GZ58esWB9W6bqsqeA


B.A.(Political Science Honours) Part-3 PLSH-VIII : Political Science https://forms.gle/hxYYwC2q4vHvQhdb7


B.A.(Sociology Honours) Part-3 SOCH-V : Sociology https://forms.gle/DqL2W7Bdq7qgfpBt7


B.A.(Sociology Honours) Part-3 SOCH-VI : Sociology https://forms.gle/88CoPgwoTVXbQ7416


B.A.(Sociology Honours) Part-3 SOCH-VII : Sociology https://forms.gle/Fy8YStXrHuV9ofn7A


B.A.(Sociology Honours) Part-3 SOCH-VIII : Sociology https://forms.gle/TodSJ7Hr6BZkwY9Z7


Thursday, 29th July 2021