Kalipada Ghosh Tarai Mahavidyalaya, P.O. Bagdogra, Dist. Darjeeling, West Bengal, India-734014

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  • This college is now a study center of Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) for Post Graduation (Master Degree). For details click here.
  • Notice for Marksheet Distribution of 4th Semester Examination 2020
  • Notice for Marksheet Distribution of 2nd Semester Examination 2020
  • Notice for Class Start of CBCS 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester
  • Notice for Submission of Answer Scripts on 23/03/2021
  • Notice for Submission of Answer Scripts on 22/03/2021
  • Notice for Submission of Answer Scripts on 19/03/2021

Part-2 B.A. Honours & General(Pass Course) Paper wise Links

Compulsory Paper

B.A.Part-2 ENGC : Compulsory English https://forms.gle/NUMmJSJa4RL4YwUAA


Honours Papers

B.A.(Nepali Honours) Part-2 NEPH-III : Nepali https://forms.gle/HGkG6C3FhCtCcw2y7


B.A.(Nepali Honours) Part-2 NEPH-IV : Nepali https://forms.gle/EbXp2SVNMNEH9kcD9


Elective Papers (Pass Course Papers)

B.A.Part-2 BNGG-IV : Elective Bengali https://forms.gle/ZSn1cNbpv3nrqLcZ7


B.A.Part-2 BNGG-V : Elective Bengali https://forms.gle/1nU6jyhmJ48tfsqLA


B.A.Part-2 BNGG-VI : Elective Bengali https://forms.gle/9UB2sWtH2Lv4HYRo9


B.A.Part-2 ECOG-IV : Economics https://forms.gle/iXD5dTPxUZuYnPxLA


B.A.Part-2 ECOG-V : Economics https://forms.gle/aG3HttMCe2eNfjai9


B.A.Part-2 ECOG-VI : Economics https://forms.gle/wpSr1cpk5byrZCTe9


B.A.Part-2 ENGG-IV : Elective English https://forms.gle/YAeqhS3p6hBJvp977


B.A.Part-2 ENGG-V : Elective English https://forms.gle/rtUj8RXRH5zXzsf6A


B.A.Part-2 ENGG-VI : Elective English https://forms.gle/DFYE6zcSNfhGDnBy9


B.A.Part-2 GEOG-IV : Geography https://forms.gle/R81pSTy8JxavPY616


B.A.Part-2 GEOG-V : Geography https://forms.gle/j4uWyNNW3VxpZj4eA


B.A.Part-2 HING-IV : Elective Hindi https://forms.gle/Q7B7pEcyGdbeUKMz6


B.A.Part-2 HING-V : Elective Hindi https://forms.gle/u7pmt2JWj2bdpmbU7


B.A.Part-2 HING-VI : Elective Hindi https://forms.gle/dhrEV3n7Xnn86QKv8


B.A.Part-2 HISG-IV : History https://forms.gle/ihHMrqtEfyke1qJn8


B.A.Part-2 HISG-V : History https://forms.gle/H6mhTGbtA7hwZk919


B.A.Part-2 HISG-VI : History https://forms.gle/6dkGfVLJzmXiaA6j9


B.A.Part-2 PHIG-IV : Philosophy https://forms.gle/pu4Q6jFvvAWF27cP9


B.A.Part-2 PHIG-V : Philosophy https://forms.gle/DSNVNHd517Yr3tqR7


B.A.Part-2 PHIG-VI : Philosophy https://forms.gle/wKXRx4MJs3RVmwge6


B.A.Part-2 PLSG-IV : Political Science https://forms.gle/vftQEMpVCmxdND4L7


B.A.Part-2 PLSG-V : Political Science https://forms.gle/uU6dtA6wz24H6RcZ6


B.A.Part-2 PLSG-VI : Political Science https://forms.gle/rTUtihmfWpXKXDHL8


B.A.Part-2 SOCG-IV : Sociology https://forms.gle/BRTEiCu1BNqooPmQA


B.A.Part-2 SOCG-V : Sociology https://forms.gle/E7L9rSgwvqo4Tu9g7


B.A.Part-2 SOCG-VI : Sociology https://forms.gle/QmAqtmiyisp8ubht7


Thursday, 29th July 2021