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Department of Economics

Name Designation Status
Dr. Shyam Charan Barma Assistant Professor Full-time
Sri. Suman Sikdar Lecturer  Part-time
Sri. Debasish Chakraborty Lecturer  Part-time

Department of Commerce

Name Designation Status
Dr. Subhasis Mitra Associate Professor  Full Time
CS Pintu P Jaiswal Assistant Professor Full-time
Sri. Kanti Paul Lecturer in I.T. & Application in Business Part-time
Dr. Archita Nayak Lecturer  Part-time
Mr. Dipak Karmakar Lecturer  Part-time

Department of English

Name Designation Status
Dr. Binayak Roy Assistant Professor  Full Time
Ms. Suvasree Karanjai Lecturer Part-time

Department of Bengali

Name Designation Status
​Dr. Ratri Nandi Associate Professor Full Time
Dr. Parimal Ch. Das Assistant Professor Full Time
Dr. Molidipa Sarkar Lecturer Part-time
Mr. Monab Mondal Lecturer  Part-time

Department of History

Name Designation Status
Sri. Rakesh Kr. Singh Assistant Professor Full Time
Sri. Tapash Kumar Sarkar Assistant Professor Full Time
Dr. Prabitra Kr. Debnath Lecturer  Part-time

Department of Pol. Science

Name Designation Status
Dr. Srinanda Dasgupta Associate Professor Full Time
Sri. Sarat Chandra Ray Assistant Professor  Full Time
Smt. Monalisha Chakraborty Lecturer Contractual
Ms. Tania Biswas Lecturer  Part-time
Mr. Soumalya Ghosh Guest Lecturer Part-time

Department of Sociology

Name Designation Status
​Dr. John Breakmas Tirkey Associate Professor  Full Time
Mr. Chinmoy Sarkar Assistant Professor Full-tim
Smt. Suravi Lahiri Lecturer Part-time
Ms. Debasree Shil Lecturer Part-time
Ms. Srirupa Ray Lecturer Part-time
Ms. Ankita Banik Lecturer


Department of Geography

Name Designation Status
Smt. Ranjita Roy Sarkar Assistant Professor Full Time
Smt. Sushmita Mondal Lecturer  Contractual
Smt. Himika Mukhopadhyay Assistant Professor Full Time
Mr. Suvendu Roy Assistant Professor Full Time

Department of Nepali

Name Designation Status
Miss. Sangey Doma Dukpa Associate Professor Full Time
Sri. Basudeo Thapa Assistant Professor Full Time
Sri. Bhupen Tamang Lecturer  Part-time
Sri. Durga Prasad Sharma Lecturer Part-time

Department of Library

Name Designation Status
Sri  Asis Kumar Karan   Librarian Full-Time 

 Department of Hindi

Name Designation Status
Smt. Poonam Singh Assistant Professor Full-time
Sri. Sushil Kumar Mishra Associate Professor Full-time
Ms. Shashi Sharma Lecturer Part-time

Department of Philosophy

Name Designation Status
Mr. Vivekananda Hore   Assistant Professor   Full-time
​Dr. Nayana Bhattacharjya  Lecturer  Part-time
Sri Anup Kumar Das Lecturer 


Department of Environmental Science

Name Designation Status
Smt. Meeta Bala Assistant Professor Full-time

Department of Physics

Name Designation Status
Dr  Koyel  Bhattacharya Assistant Professor  Full-time

Department of Mathematics

Name Designation Status
Dr. Molla Basir Ahamed Assistant Professor Full-time
Mr. Kallol Bhandhu Bagchi Guest Lecturer  Part-time

Department of Chemistry

Name Designation Status
Dr Abir Baran Majumder Assistant Professor  Full-time

Department of Sanskrit

Name Designation Status
Sri. Babu Banik Lecturer in Sanskrit Part-time


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